If you want to use Egg NS Emulator on your Android phone to play Nintendo Switch games, here’s a quickstart guide for you! First, visit Egg NS website or AppStore to download the emulator. Second, make sure your phone allows installations from unknown sources in settings. Third, Install the Egg NS Emulator app, open it up, and set things up. Now, you’re ready to enjoy Nintendo Switch games on your Android device! It’s that simple!

We have prepared the step-by-step Egg NS Emulator quickstart guide. On this webpage, you will find the whole process in plain, simple terms so you can enjoy games easily.

egg ns emulator quickstart guide

Egg NS Emulator quickstart guide (ANDROID)

let’s dive into the world of Nintendo gaming on your Android phone with the Egg NS Emulator – a user-friendly way to bring the joy of Nintendo Switch.

Step 1: Download and Install Egg NS Emulator App

To kick things off, head to the download link provided for the Egg NS Emulator app. Install the app on your Android phone by following the on-screen instructions.

Download Egg NS Emulator APP

Step 2: Download the Switchdroid Folder

Download the Switchdroid folder by clicking the button below, which contains the game’s runtime environment, from the Google Drive link provided.

Download the Switchdroid Folder

Step 3: Connect Your Phone to PC

Connect your phone to your PC and select “Transfer File” mode. Copy the entire SwitchDroid folder into the root directory of your phone.

Connect Your Phone to PC

Step 4: Create Your Games’ Folder

Create a folder for your games and add the game ROM files (in XCI or NSP format) to this Game folder.

Create Your Games Folder

Step 5: Locate the Game’s Runtime Environment Files

  1. Install the GameSir-X2 Type-C Mobile Gamepad on your phone and open the Egg NS App.
  2. A pop-up window will appear; agree to the service agreement and privacy policy.
Locate Game Runtime Environment Files

3- Click [Settings] to locate and modify the location of each required file.

In Setting modify the location of file

Step 6: Adding Required Files

1- For the additional files path, click [Change].

Add Required Files in Egg NS Emulators

2- Choose the SwitchDroid file and confirm.

Choose the SwitchDroid file

3- For the game root directory location, click [Change].

game root directory location

4- Choose the game file and confirm.

Choose game file and confirm

5- After adding the file, restart the Egg NS Emulator app.

Restart Egg NS Emulator app

Step 7: Start a Game

1- Click on the game image to start playing.

Start playing Nintendo games

2- Click “Add Account” to register or log in.

3- After registering, return to the home page and click on the game image to start playing.

Egg NS Emulator QuickStart Guide

Just enjoy your gaming experience!


For your best gaming journey with the Egg NS Emulator, this quickstart guide is available with the essentials to set up the emulator efficiently on your Android device. Now, with your favorite games at your fingertips, it’s time to dive into the gaming world.

Happy playing!

Feel Free to give your questions & feedback in the comments and connect with the gaming community.

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